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The Sharing Economy has had a resurgence as technology facilitates access and enables an easier exchange of goods and services. Through P2P platforms users are able to rent and monetise their unused items, helping to decrease waste, increase utility and ultimately creating a more sustainable and clean environment. We had a chat with Tim Bos, from ShareRing, who is using blockchain technology to power a sharing marketplace, why he thinks this technology will drive improved sharing. Tell...


In addition to solving many pain-points and creating efficiencies, another benefit of building on blockchain is data privacy and security. We wanted to delve into the possibilities further so spoke with Suzanne Ennis, Head of Glogal Partnerships and Business Development at Shyft, a company that helps businesses transfer attested and compliant data between platforms and chains. The crypto space has built an entire ecosystem on the pillar of trust. But when we get right down to...


Do you fear for your data’s protection? One of the biggest discussed features of blockchain is privacy and data protection. Below is an interesting view of how the notion of privacy changed throughout the years, how our data is currently used, and how blockchain can/will fit in. Happy reading!