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November 27, 2018

Malta-based companies Praestentia CleanTech and BDXAlliance, in partnership with Paragon Europe, are embracing the progressive stance of ‘Blockchain Island’ Malta. Together, they’re on a mission to save the world.

The marriage of blockchain and sustainability is one of the ways new technology is solving traditional problems.

For over 15 years, leaders in Paragon Europe have been helping sustainability projects get funding and see the light of day. Now it’s time to take this philosophy to the global stage through these new strategic partnerships.

We asked Dr. Anton Theuma (CEO) and Edwin Ward (Chairman) at Praestentia CleanTech, to give us a deeper dive into the platform.

“When a cleantech company plugs into Praestantia CleanTech, they become part of a powerful network that covers finance, knowledge-sharing, technology sourcing and a primary marketplace. Moreover, it gives cleantech entrepreneurs a view of the competitive landscape and how their tech stacks against other solutions in that space.”

Imagine sustainability funding of €5 billion across 28 EU Member States and just over 280 EU Level 2 regions. Imagine the best and brightest minds carefully vetting transformative sustainability technology projects. The outcome is to tap into a major €5bn initiative to save the world through the highest quality technical initiatives.  

“Praestentia CleanTech was launched in October 2018 to fight to save the world and create a B2B and B2C cleantech marketplace, marketing directly to source at low cost. For many years we’ve been on a mission to leave the planet better than we found it. Our desire has always been to go global with our work. Now, partnering with BDXAlliance, we can create the world’s largest community who also want to save the world. Long-term, our community will have access to debit and credit cards that provide reward points. Our Community Members will have banking-style services backed by a Membership and Loyalty Program that will be the most flexible in the world. The shared projects will have shared benefits across them. All our organisations think globally and want to save the world, with a strategy that combines blockchain technology with sustainability in smart ways to make a difference.” commented Dr. Anton Theuma and Edwin Ward, CEO and Chairman respectively of Praestentia CleanTech.

Jamy Nigri, CEO of BDXAlliance, adds “Together we’re applying everything we’ve learned over the last few decades to help save the world. We know the clock is ticking, and if we don’t make meaningful change in the next ten years, we may lose a very important window to do good. Rarely in life does one get to come to work every day and be passionate about making the world better. We have that privilege. We get to do good every day.”


About Praestentia CleanTech

Praestentia CleanTech is the world’s first blockchain platform for clean technology with a mission to create and set up a clean marketplace. The aim is to improve trading, knowledge and innovation in the cleantech field, which is growing into a €Trillion sector economy. We will create several trading platforms built on the best practice models, such as Amazon, Facebook and YouTube. The world needs a cleantech marketplace, and we are ready to provide it, helping to create a clean future for everyone.

About BDXAlliance

BDXAlliance is a cryptocurrency ecosystem of blockchain-connected businesses. We are applying to be licensed and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). We’re going to make blockchain and cryptocurrency available for everyday use by customers. How? By offering them a comprehensive set of products and services that will be easy to use. We’ll also provide services for companies that want to launch their own ICOs. Our products and services will include: Exchange with our native coin, an integrated ICO platform to curate and support carefully chosen ICOs, an OTC desk for large-scale transactions, a wallet with integrated portfolio management, enterprise-grade Know Your Customer (KYC) software, an App, and a full-service Virtual Financial Asset agency for the licensing of ICOs. Because we believe education is vital for customers to make informed decisions about the use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, we will also provide excellent educational classes.

About Paragon Europe

Paragon Europe is a regional development company with its HQ in Malta and a representation office in Brussels. Paragon Europe leads and coordinates projects across the EU and is a trusted partner of EU institutions. Paragon Europe is also the national contact point for Climate-KIC, the Water Cluster, the Digital Cluster and is Malta’s representative to MEDENER, the EU’s partner on energy efficiency and renewables in the Mediterranean. In projects and tenders, Paragon Europe works in partnership with advisory firms, research and technology organisations, regional and local authorities and non-profit organisations, bringing in its expertise in implementing business and financial plans, communication campaigns, stakeholder engagement and outreach activities, feasibility and pre-deployment studies, climate impact assessments, socio-economic impact evaluations and pilot facilities to demonstrate the innovation potential of new solutions.

Active in CSR Europe, Paragon Europe also partners with European and American educational institutes and agencies acting as a port of call for learning mobility programmes in Malta and Brussels. The full cycle of the mobility is managed internally, from logistics to professional training and language tuition.


For more info:

Robert White, BDXAlliance

Mobile/WhatsApp: +357 978 67 665  

Telegram: @robertbdx



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