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Aisha Hillary-Morgan Aisha Hillary-MorganJanuary 30, 2019

Wanting to increase your blockchain know-how or invest in the space?

Below are five videos totally worth investing the time into. 🙂

#1: What is blockchain? CNBC Explains by Tom Chitty

Why it’s great: It gives you all the important information you want to know, starts from the beginning, and explains the entire concept well

There are a lot of blockchain for beginners videos. The truth is, most of these videos take a lot for granted, assume you know more than you actually do about the topic, or don’t really explain the concept in a practical way.

That’s why this CNBC exclusive done by Tom Chitty is our first video on the list, especially for anyone who is just starting out on the blockchain journey. Chitty goes through the ABCs of blockchains, showing the negatives alongside the positive uses. He also shows exactly how it works, why it is so secure, and what future applications might be possible.

The CNBC video also takes you through the benefits and possible financial ramifications that are involved in embracing this technology. All in all, Chitty does a great job of explaining a complex topic and gives you a lot of food for thought.

#2: New Kids on the Blockchain by Lorne Lantz

Why it’s great: Practical ways people are currently putting blockchain to good use and how they will even more so in the future

Aside from the fact that this is a TED talk, which automatically makes it amazing, Lorne Lantz explains exactly how blockchain works quickly and eloquently. He then moves on to break down how blockchain works within the bitcoin universe, something that most people are curious about. Finally, Lantz illustrates how blockchain can be used in other instances. This is not only fascinating, but it is a great way to educate the public about how this brilliant technology can be utilized in the future and within our day-to-day interactions.

#3: Understand the blockchain in two minutes by Institute for the Future (IFTF)

Why it’s great: It’s fast and easy to watch but surprisingly thorough for a two-minute video

The Institute for the Future does snapshots of interesting topics, trending concepts, and technological advancements that they deem worthy of a closer look. This video on blockchain is just two minutes long, but somehow it manages to explain everything you really need for a cursory understanding of the topic (and even a little more). So, if you’re already antsy just from reading this intro, check out the IFTF blockchain video (you can watch it double speed if you’re that strapped for time!).

Watch the video from IFTF here.

#4: How the blockchain will radically transform the economy by Bettina Warburg

Why it’s great: Food for thought on a more advanced technology that is offering a safer and more reliable forum for value exchange

Bettina Warburg explains briefly how throughout history we have used various methods to exchange values within our societies. From protection to fish and coins and now to the more advanced banks and digital currencies, the world has always had its way of trading valuables for desired goods.

In this video (yep, another TED talk), Warburg takes us through the process of how blockchain is the next chain in the evolution of value exchange. She expertly breaks it down, so you can see how this makes sense on a sociological, economic, and technological level. What’s more, she demonstrates how blockchain is the safest, easiest, and most reliable method we have come up with yet.

So basically, Warburg’s video shows viewers how blockchain is like a solid, unbreakable safe, which makes it more trustworthy and evergreen than any other transaction method that came before it. I don’t want to spoil the video for you, so just watch it for yourself.

#5: Blockchain: Massively Simplified Richie Etwaru

Why it’s great:  A fabulous twist

This video starts off seemingly like all other beginner’s guides to blockchain. It talks about the early days of the internet (those dark times of dial-up modems and even earlier ARPAnet packet switching technologies) and quickly fast forwards to show you how kickass technology has become.

All very interesting stuff, but nothing new. And then Etwaru does something that nobody else we’ve seen so far attempt. He takes blockchain and explains how it can bridge a gap that no other technology has been able to traverse, a gap that is so fundamental to human interactions and our society as a whole that it’s truly a marvel that we’ve gotten this far in history without having a more reliable failsafe for it.

In this video, Etwaru explains that inventions are all about bridging gaps in our society, world, and lives. He then continues on illustrating how blockchain bridges the gap of trust, one of the most core and necessary element of our society, one that holds trillions of dollars on its wobbly shoulders. With his mesmerizing voice, witty personality, and mind-blowing revelation, Etwaru really blows the top off of this simplified concept. And that’s what makes his video on blockchain really stand out.


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