NewsJuventus Soccer Club to Launch ‘Fan’ Token Offering

adminSeptember 25, 2018

In a very exciting move for its fans, Italian powerful soccer club, Juventus is launching its own ‘fan’ token offering in a bid to allow its fans to be heard, which in turn it hopes will aid the increase of fan numbers, according to Coindesk.

To drive the success of what the club is calling a ‘Fan Token Offering (FTO)’, Juventus Football Club is partnering with to launch the ‘Juventus Fan Token’ in Q1 2019.

With one of the largest fan bases worldwide, an enormous social media presence and Cristiano Ronaldo as a team member, the club’s objective is to utilise the Fan Token to reach more audiences and allow those that are outside of Europe to feel more connected to the club.

The club’s co-chief revenue officer, head of global partnerships and corporate revenues, Giorgio Ricci indicated:

“At the club we are always very careful and pro-active towards innovation and new technologies. Together with, we believe we can offer new opportunities to our worldwide fan base to engage in cutting-edge way with their favorite club.”

Whilst not explicitly stated in the press release, it appears that the offering is an ICO.

Using blockchain technology to engage further with their fan base is a clever move by Juventus Football Club and I suspect that this is the sign of things to come.

Watch this space.

This excerpt/article was sourced from Coindesk. For the full article, please click here.


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