NewsJoseph Lubin led-ConsenSys Driving Ethereum Adoption Through ‘TIM’ Tools

adminNovember 5, 2018

User adoption is everything when it comes to proving the value of new technology. Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin and founder of the world’s largest blockchain development firm, ConsenSys, is the driving force behind the creation of three Ethereum products which are the most widely utilised across the globe, according to CCN.

A very humble but remarkably successful company in ConsenSys, which boasts nearly 1000 developers, is responsible for developing the suite of products dubbed ‘TIM’. Truffle is the first which is deemed to be the world’s most popular blockchain framework, Infura, node infrastructure; and Metamask, digital asset wallet have all contributed markedly to shape the infrastructure and growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

Last week at DevCon in Prague, Joseph Lubin presented the three companies who have all achieved major milestones. In particular, Truffle has surpassed one million downloads and MetaMask recently released its mobile client which enables any blockchain user, through a decentralized application (dApp) marketplace, to seamlessly access dApps launched on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Finally, Infura, which is a node infrastructure which clears transactions and smart contract requests for dApps, exceeded 10 billion clearing requests.

These are no mean feats by any stretch of the imagination. Congratulations ConsenSys, your contribution to building out the blockchain ecosystem is unparalleled.

We will watch with great interest to see the next advancements.

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