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adminOctober 8, 2018

An initial coin offering (ICO) will be launched on Bitcoin by the end of this year. Ethereum has been the dominate choice of smart contract protocols for companies running token sales but now that RSK has created a sidechain, bitcoin will boast the same ability to raise funds, according to Coindesk.

Since early 2016, RSK has been busy building its smart contract sidechain for bitcoin. RSK has chosen to write the smart contracts in Solidity, the same language used by ethereum. Temco, a South Korean blockchain supply chain management has indicated that it will be launching a token sale later this year using RSK’s technology.

Temco’s CEO Scott Yoon is bullish on bitcoin suggesting that the cryptocurrency has enormous potential to be a lot more than just a payment currency.

Yoon said:

“RSK … will be dominating [the smart contract] ecosystem and [for] bitcoin that will open another era of bitcoin, like ethereum.”

This makes for an exceptionally interesting development and potentially opens up great value in the bitcoin ecosystem by adding the smart contract tool.

Watch this space.

This excerpt/article was sourced from Coindesk. For the full article, please click here.



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