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Marina Stedile Marina StedileMarch 8, 2019

This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating women’s accomplishments in all industries, and of course, ones that are venturing the tech and blockchain world.

Over the year we have interviewed a number of amazing women who are in the tech space, and wanted to share some of their stories again as inspiration.

Happy International Women’s Day! A balanced world is a better world. #BalanceforBetter


Jonha Richman, marketing and communications experience working with global innovative companies, helping them scale their global operations.

“We’ll see more and more governments become more clear towards their stance on cryptocurrencies, while Blockchain and its expanding use cases will be embraced not only by the consumers but even governments themselves that are looking to streamline their internal processes.”

Read the full Q&A here.


Aisha Hillary-Morgan, Creative and Content Director at CTN

“Blockchain technology is going to enable a lot of industries and processes to be accelerated. From where coffee beans are sourced, to the sharing of scientific research, to basic day-to-day process such as supply chain and finding your next freelancer. Blockchain technology will provide a foundation for so many industries once they see what is possible. Many already have.”

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Maria Luna, co-founder and CEO at BRAVO, Shark Tank contestant and blockchain advocate

“We created our Fiat version to prove our hypothesis that there was a real need for privacy in payments (while still being compliant) and we knew that the ultimate solution to achieve privacy and inexpensive transactions was evolving to the blockchain.”

Read the interview here.


Chantelle de la Rey, Product Owner and co-founder at Amber

“People know of Bitcoin and other forms of digital currencies but don’t know what to do with it, where or how much to buy. So we wanted to make it as simple as downloading an app and linking your bank account and go about your day.”

Read more here.


Irina Berkon, CFO at PLATIO

“I think there is no stopping the progress of the blockchain technology. There are so many brilliant minds working on amazing and life changing solutions. I think that blockchain technology will be part of everyone’s life, whether those who actively use it or benefit from blockchain-based services, it will be everywhere!”

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Suzanne Ennis, Head of Glogal Partnerships and Business Development at Shyft

“The crypto space has built an entire ecosystem on the pillar of trust. But when we get right down to it, there is a way to do ‘trust’ better. We have built Shyft as the new trust protocol— we wanted to effectively change the model from the centralization of regulatory compliant information to distributed, compliant frameworks.”

Read the interview here.


Here is also a great Infographic on Women in Blockchain!


Know any inspiring stories from other women in this space? Share in the comments section below 🙂

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