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Marina Stedile Marina StedileOctober 31, 2018

We had the pleasure of speaking with Jamy Nigri, CEO at BDXAlliance.  With its six products, including BDXCoin, BDXWallet, BDXSexy, BDX500, BDXChange and BDXApp, the company aims to be the first fully licensed and regulated crypto ecosystem, more than a licensed exchange. And part of its approach is to help make crypto feasible for everyday use.

“Using crypto and tokenisation of assets makes sense. There are too many benefits to ignore. I think businesses will continue to adopt blockchain tech to make processes less costly and less inefficient” Jamy Nigri.


Tell us a little about yourself?

Youngest of five boys. Raised by my mom, who was my hero!

BDXAlliance was created out of a desire to create something extraordinary in blockchain – that’s also great for our people and community.

We want to make a difference by doing our part to help save the world. How? By bringing a lot of green projects to life so we can help to make the world better and cleaner. The world can’t heal itself alone, so all of us need to help any way we can. Use one less plastic straw. Get a reusable coffee cup. Every small decision counts.


What are your thoughts on the current state of the market?

Using crypto and tokenisation of assets makes sense. There are too many benefits to ignore. I think businesses will continue to adopt blockchain tech to make processes less costly and less inefficient. The question is whether companies will pass savings along to the end user or just enrich themselves.

Demonstrable user cases will be going live, and people will understand the clear benefits. Blockchain is not magic and pixie dust. It’s simply a more efficient way of conducting business.


What about current regulations?

Malta is great. Other countries, such as Australia, are impressive, too. The Commonwealth countries are also leading the way to offer clear guidance. I believe we’ve reached a time when the regulations need to be looked at with fresh eyes. Traditional laws written for a pre-digital era cannot possibly be the right laws for today’s digital world.


Any companies you think are leaders in the space?

We’re in a fortunate position to get to review dozens of ICOs every month so we see some amazing new ideas. One that springs to mind is Kochava. I know Charles Manning, their CEO, and he is one of the most switched-on people I’ve ever met when it comes to an understanding of how tech can revolutionise business. What they’re doing is smart and practical.


Any advice to people wanting to invest in the space?

Learn first. I cannot overstate the importance of this. Take time to get educated. Don’t just follow the hype. This is one of the main reasons we provide education because we believe everyone should have a chance to learn and grow.


BDXAlliance team takes a smiling selfie
BDXAlliance selfie


Where will BDXAlliance be in 1 year?

This reminds me of one of the early scenes in the movie Gladiator: “Imagine where you will be and it will be so”. We’ll have continued to remain true to our mission of creating trust and continued to hire great people who are authentic and love the journey. We’ll continue to be the company that businesses can trust. We’ll be on track for a new banking project to bring to market, to delight our customers. And – always – we will continue to make crypto easy to use in everyday life.

We’ll also have the most extensive portfolio of sustainable projects in the world and a Membership and Loyalty Program to reward good decisions that help save the planet.

I think the best way to answer this is that we’ll be exactly who we are today, and always evolving.


Anything else you would like to add?

We couldn’t do this without our community, who put their trust in us. They’re on this journey with us, too, and together we’re making a difference. Our thanks to our team’s family members who support the long hours and hard work they do. And most of all a big THANK YOU to Laura, my wife. I couldn’t continue to be the best version of me without her.


Thanks for your time and insights Jamy! We look forward to seeing more and more from BDXAlliance!


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