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adminJuly 9, 2018

We all enter our personal details into a variety of websites and devices, and whilst it’s quite frightening to think our information can be misused, this data is very valuable for companies that aim to deliver the best products and content to us. Nothing better than receiving services tailored to our lifestyle, right?

Michael Loewy, co-founder of Ziva, gave us some of his time to talk about how he and his team are engaging consumers and organisation in the same platform to promote a more valuable and healthy sharing of data.

“We know how much the world of marketing relies on data to create, tailor and target their campaigns, and we knew if we could harness the power of this real-life data, we could provide a platform which enabled brands to connect with consumers in the most relevant and personalised way.

1. Tell us about why you founded ZIVA? 

Ziva was founded by four people with different backgrounds and expertise in technology, marketing, business and entrepreneurship. From our various posts, we had all witnessed a giant shift in the way personal data is powering our world and informing the decision making of individuals and businesses.

There has been an explosion in the Internet of Things (IoT) market – people are demanding to be connected to everything all the time. These smart devices are constantly measuring, monitoring and collating enormous amounts of data about a person’s ‘off screen’ behaviour – what we like to call ‘real life’ data.

We saw real potential in corralling this data – it’s of superior quality and greater detail than what’s collected based solely on a person’s on-screen activity. This makes it incredibly valuable to marketers when it comes to better targeting their campaigns.


2. What problem does it solve? 

We know how much the world of marketing relies on data to create, tailor and target their campaigns, and we knew if we could harness the power of this real-life data, we could provide a platform which enabled brands to connect with consumers in the most relevant and personalised way.

We also knew that if we were asking people to share such intimate details about their lives, we would need to create a solution where their privacy was protected.

This is why we architected a framework, combining cutting edge encryption and blockchain technologies, that enabled us to process consumer data on behalf of our clients, without knowing the identity of the consumers themselves. In effect, we locked up any personal details of consumers and handed them the only key. This offered complete anonymity, until they explicitly decided to engage with a brand.

By using Ziva’s platform, brands can run innovative campaigns with consumers using their connected IoT devices.  They can also collect the incredibly valuable off screen data and use it to optimise campaigns.

For example, we recently ran a campaign with Kellogg’s – the ‘Special K Fitness Challenge’ – which saw participants share data from their wearable devices, and gamified their activity levels throughout the campaign period. In addition to a variety of personal challenges issued by AFL Women’s mentors, participants were rewarded with an entry into a competition to win an overseas holiday based on the number of kilometres they completed.

The campaign ran for a four-week period and achieved outstanding results including a 96% customer retention rate during the campaign, 50+ % open rate for each DM sent during the campaign and 99% said they would participate again. Most importantly, 86% of participants said the campaign had increased the likelihood of them purchasing the product – undoubtedly one of the most critical factors in connecting marketing spend with revenue generation.



Ziva Team: Dominique Valladolid, Michael Loewy, Issac Elnekave, Yuval Hertzog


3. Who benefits? 

Ultimately Ziva’s platform delivers more effective marketing outcomes which are far more respectful to the customers and their privacy.

This brings major benefits to everyone involved:

Brands clearly benefit from being able to engage with their customers in a deeper and more informed context. They gain new insights into their audiences and are able to build trust through transparent engagement. This means they can better tailor their messaging by being more relevant to who they target and how.

Consumers seize control of their data and are rewarded for sharing it. They also receive more relevant and contextual content from brands for products and services they are actually interested in.

Marketing and media agencies have access to a whole new set of data and analytics, which enables them to create campaigns which connect more deeply with consumers and engage using cutting-edge technology.

Finally, by looking after the privacy interests of consumers that engage with our platform, there’s an enormous benefit to our business. We’re able to quickly earn the consumer’s trust, resulting in the sharing of richer and more accurate data sets.

Interestingly, through our interactions with enterprise clients and their service providers, our privacy blockchain framework has captured the attention of a number of organisations who are currently looking at incorporating it into their businesses processes.


4. What progress have you made as a company? 

During the past three years, we have positioned ourselves as the market leader in ‘real-life’ data acquisition and analytics. We are far more accessible and scalable than any other solution and are capable of catering to the broadest range of clients.

We have run successful campaigns with enterprise level clients such as Kellogg’s and Chemmart which have been an outstanding success.

We have expanded our integration capabilities to enable the platform to support more than 250 unique devices and apps. We have also future-proofed our infrastructure so it will be able to support multiple types of device families, like biometrics, vehicle data, smart home and appliance information and many more.

We have brought on board some world-class giants as advisors from the media, marketing and advertising world and have a number of strategic investors and partnerships lined up ready to help propel the company to its next stage of success.


5. Who are you competing with? 

Ziva’s platform is unique and market leading. We are the only platform that can cater to multiple devices in multiple device categories.


6. Why is ZIVA winning?

Our investment in creating a privacy centric platform offering unprecedented transparency and control is already starting to pay dividends. With the introduction of strict privacy laws and recent high-profile data scandals, the spotlight it well and truly on how brands are handling consumer data. This has created a very healthy demand for our product.

We are lucky to have an incredibly talented and dedicated team – we are all genuinely passionate about the business and are constantly coming up with ways to improve what we do. It’s the strength of this team that has helped build the platform and attract interest from some of the biggest brands on the global stage.


Want to learn more? Check ZIVA’s website here.



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