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Aisha Hillary-Morgan Aisha Hillary-MorganNovember 21, 2018

Despite digital currencies growing in popularity, the level of adoption is still relatively low. It seems that for most people, crypto is still daunting and incredibly confusing, only to be braved by the risk-taker.

Luckily, some company’s have the ambition to demystifying and simplifying the space. Meet Chantelle de la Rey, Product Owner and co-founder at Amber, a no-fuss app for everyday people to start their journey with crypto.

“People know of Bitcoin and other forms of digital currencies but don’t know what to do with it, where or how much to buy. So we wanted to make it as simple as downloading an app and linking your bank account and go about your day.”

A bit about Chantelle.

Chantelle moved to Australia in 2000 from Durban, South Africa, since then she has moved back to South Africa, then to Spain only to find Australia was home. This habit for travel is steams from Chantelle constantly wanting to learn about different cultures, habits, helping others anyway she can, working in charities and had a taste of working in the super yacht industry.

Since 2009, Chantelle has gained a reputation in the creative industry as a fast, reliable, trendy and practical UI/UX and graphic designer. Projects have varied from early stage technology startups to large cap banking and financial institutions, in industries as diverse as tech, film, real estate, banking and insurance. Her expertise has involved everything from simple logo design, through to the management of teams and major projects in financial institutions.

Whilst being an accomplished well diversed designer, Chantelle has also managed to finish her yoga teacher training, which she still teaches today, grounding and fuelling both her creativity and business drive. Most recently Chantelle spent sometime studying law and finance in 2016-2017, Chantelle discovered Bitcoin, Ethereum and the blockchain ecosystem. Since then she’s been involved as a consultant, designer, marketer in the crypto-space. Chantelle is the founder of La la rey, co-founder of the Blockchain Training Institute and most recently co-founder, Product Owner and lead designer at Amber; Australia’s first micro-investing Digital currency exchange.


What is Amber?

Amber makes buying digital currencies easy for the everyday person. We simply take the spare change from your every day purchases, and swap it for bitcoin, automatically. All you have to do is keep being you – let Amber do all the saving and investing, while you do the spending. The idea of Amber formed based on the complexity and noise within the digital currency space.

We also started to notice the awareness to adoption gap was becoming larger than ever seen before and we wanted to figure out a way to close those gap. People know of Bitcoin and other forms of digital currencies but don’t know what to do with it, where or how much to buy. So we wanted to make it as simple as downloading an app and linking your bank account and go about your day.


amber logo


How is Amber different?

We are going to be the first to offer an all in one micro-investing (automatically), exchange and wallet for everyday people, all in the palm of your hand. Users will be able to buy, sell, send, store, receive and pay using their amber app. We want to educate our users about the space making it fun. Amber is the bring for people to start investing into this new asset class.

Amber is design focused and putting the needs and wants of our users first.


Why did you not go down the ICO route?

We wanted to build a real business, offering equity rather than offering a dream/thin air. We wanted to build our company with a solid foundation the ‘good old fashioned’ way.


What digital assets are included?

We only have Bitcoin for now with more to come in the future. We are extremely selective as to which coins will become available.


Who will be the key crypto players?

Everyday people. In terms of currencies I would definitely put Bitcoin up there, as it has a larger following.


What’s in the pipeline?

We have got so many features, events and competition to come, but to tell you some which we are launching within the next 3 months is micro-investing, boost which allows you to add additional amounts to each transaction. Later, users will be able to buy, sell, send, store, swap, pay and receive (full exchange and wallet service).


Thanks, Chantelle! We know crypto adoption will increase as more and more people realise its potential. Thanks for helping to simplify the process.


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Aisha Hillary-Morgan

Aisha Hillary-Morgan

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